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Are you Ready?

  • Clear board roles?

  • Actively engaged in responsibilities

  • 100% board giving?

New NonProfit

Are you Ready?

1.What is the need for your services in the community? Will your agency be duplicating similar services already in the community? If so, why?


2.Have you reached out and met with others doing any similar work in the community? Who? What agencies?

New NonProfit

Preparation Checklist

“Your Story” Documents:

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Values Statement

  • Case Statement

+ History and Background

Program descriptions (needs,

priorities, clients, services,

location, staffing, etc.)

+ Future goals and strategies

  • Organization Facts/Statistics Sheet

  • Population Served

+ Number of People Served

+ Ethnic Breakdown

+ Age breakdown

+ Socioeconomic breakdown

+ Geographic area

  • Calendar of Events

  • Brochures

  • Annual Report

Agency Information:

  • 501c3 IRS Determination Letter

  • EIN Number

  • Current Grants Calendar

  • Strategic Plan

  • Current fund development plan

  • Table of Organization (flow chart)

  • Number of Employees

 + (full/part-time) and their personal


  • Number of Volunteers

  • List of accomplishments/awards

  • List of management staff and contact Information

Board of Directors’ Information:

  • Number of Board Members

  • % of Board Members contributing to an organization

  • Ethnic Demographics of Board Members

  • List of Board Members, affiliations

  • and contact information

Program Information:(Per Program)

  • Program Descriptions

  • Logic Model

  • SMART Objectives

  • Evaluation, outcomes,

+ performance measures

  • Project/Program budget(s)

  • Program space

  • Program staff

  • Program Infrastructure

  • Letters of agreement detailing

+ partnership roles and responsibilities

  • Working agreements with partners re:

+ Communications

+ Decision-making protocols

+ Lines of authority/responsibility


Financial Information:

  • Annual Organization Budget(s)

  • Current FY and previous FY (revenue and expenses)

  • Project/Program budget(s) (revenue and expenses)

  • 990 Tax Statements (past three years if available)

  • Audited Financial Statements (past three years, if available)

  • Annual Revenue Breakdown (% by the source of funding and/or amount)

  • Top 5 gifts from the previous year

  • Top 5 corporate gifts from previous year

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